frequently asked questions

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Although signals are stable for up to 24 h when slides are stored in the dark, we recommend to perform the readout within the 2 hour period after slide preparation.

The limitation is the availability of sequences in databases. In most cases sufficient sequences are available. The most important factor is whether there are unique sequences for that species. We are happy to support you during the development of special multiplex-test assays. In case “your” probe is not available in our library, we will gladly provide a quotation for a short-term development.

All tests are designed to address the always tight and limited laboratory space. To set up an entire workstation with consumables, hotplate and a microscope you need less than a meter of open bench space.

MALDI has problems to identify cases with multiple pathogens and Gram + bacteria in blood culture bottles. In these cases, miacom offers an attractive backup system. Also, miacom assays can be used for direct pathogen identification from respiratory secretions; this is an area were FISH outperforms MALDI based technologies.

Slide field one functions as a positive and negative control. If one of the critical steps was omitted, then you will not see a good positive control and should repeat the test. We recommend a daily quality control to ensure assay performance.

Yes, the IVD-test kits can also be used for the identification of bacteria from culture plates. You can also use our RUO-FISH-Probes for your research.