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Improve antibiotic therapy via faster and better diagnostics

Next generation pneumonia and sepsis diagnostics

New approaches to tackle nosocomial infectious diseases

Next generation pneumonia and sepsis diagnostics

Multiplex assay directly from patient materials yields results in only 30 minutes

Next generation pneumonia and sepsis diagnostics

Innovative Diagnostics

Pathogen ID in 30 minutes in pneumonia- and sepsis infections

Miacom was founded in 2009 with the mission to develop a novel and rapid diagnostic platform that will help physicians deliver timely and targeted antibiotic therapy decisions for critical care patients.

Our multiplex assays identify and differentiate most of the microorganisms causing life-threatening conditions such as sepsis and pneumonia. The rapid identification of microorganisms will help improve patient outcomes, reduce healthcare costs associated with lengthy hospitalizations, slow down the spread of antibiotic resistance among patients and most importantly save lives.

Our multiplex assays can identify up to 14 clinically relevant pathogens causing sepsis and pneumonia. Clinical samples such as positive blood culture and sputum can be used directly in our tests and the time to results is just 30 minutes.


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respiFISH® products are reimbursed by health insurances in Croatia

The Children´s Hospital in Srebrnjak already uses the respiFISH® products routinely for clinical diagnostics. The Children´s Hospital belongs to the University hospital in Zagreb.

All over Europe numerous hospitals use our respiFISH® products.

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